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Cortexi the Herbal Science Breakthrough in Hearing Health and quickest way of improving your hearing power and brain health

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  • Ensure healthy inflammation levels
  • Support your auditory health and help your ear clear sounds
  • Sharpen your brain and improve cognitive function
  • Boost energy levels and improve the overall health
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What is Cortexi?

Cortexi is a natural product designed to assist individuals who are experiencing hearing difficulties, particularly as they age. The creator of the product, Jonathan Miller, has years of experience in the health industry and wanted to develop a solution that was both effective and safe, utilizing only natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to support hearing health.

Cortexi's unique formula contains a blend of 20 natural ingredients that work together to improve hearing health, including minerals, vitamins, and herbs. The formula features key ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba, Vinpocetine, and N-Acetyl Cysteine, which are clinically proven to support cognitive function and strengthen the auditory system.

What sets Cortexi apart is its ease of use. The product can be taken by simply placing a few drops under your tongue or adding it to your favorite beverage, and the formula is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing individuals to experience its benefits within a few seconds.

Overall, Cortexi is a natural, safe, and effective solution for those experiencing hearing difficulties. It offers a comprehensive approach to hearing support by addressing the root causes of hearing loss while also supporting cognitive function and memory. If you're looking for a natural way to improve your hearing health and quality of life, give Cortexi a try.

Benefits of Cortexi

Supports Hearing Health: Cortexi's natural ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce the risk of age-related hearing loss.

Improves Cognitive Function: Cortexi's ingredients can enhance memory, focus, and mental clarity.

Natural Ingredients: Cortexi is 100% plant-based with no chemicals or artificial components, making it a safe and natural alternative to traditional interventions.

Quick and Easy to Take: Cortexi can be taken directly under the tongue or added to your favorite beverage for hassle-free use.

Non-Habit Forming: Cortexi is a non-habit-forming supplement, allowing individuals to start or stop using it at any time without worrying about addiction.

FDA-Approved: Cortexi is made in an FDA-approved facility following good manufacturing standards, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Positive Impact on Quality of Life: By improving hearing health and cognitive function, Cortexi can have a positive impact on an individual's overall quality of life, helping them feel more confident, engaged, and independent.

Cortexi Pricing

CORTEXI is available for purchase directly from the official website. The product comes in a 30-day supply bottle priced at $69 per bottle, excluding shipping costs.

However, the seller offers discounts for customers who purchase multiple bottles, including:

90-day supply: 3 Bottles of CORTEXI for $177 (which equals $59 per bottle), plus shipping.

180-day supply: 6 Bottles of CORTEXI for $294 (which equals $49 per bottle), plus shipping.

By purchasing more bottles, customers can save money on the per-bottle cost of CORTEXI.


Cortexi Reviews

CORTEXI Reviews 1

Verified Buyer


I’ve never felt sharper

Cortexi did wonders to support my hearing. I work as an audio engineer, so protecting my ears against noise is a must. Go for the 6-bottle pack - it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

-Emma - New York, USA

CORTEXI Reviews 2

Verified Buyer


People kept asking me about it

It’s only been three weeks since I started taking Cortexi, but I love how easy it is to take and how well it works to support my mental sharpness. I put a couple of drops in my morning coffee and just go on my way. I’ve even shared my supply with a few friends and they’re already coming back for more!

-Stanley - Wyoming, USA

CORTEXI Reviews 3

Verified Buyer


The gift that keeps on giving

I treasure my peace and quiet more than anything. So I’m well aware just how important the health of my ears is. Knowing that by taking Cortexi I’m feeding my hearing these essential nutrients helps me sleep better at night. Definitely give this one a try.

-Luke - Chicago, USA

Cortexi Ingredients

  • Grape Seed:

One of the key ingredients in Cortexi is grape seed extract, which has several beneficial properties. This powerful antioxidant helps protect cells from oxidative stress, which is a common cause of hearing loss. Additionally, grape seed extract has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation in the ear, another factor that contributes to hearing loss. The extract has also been shown to improve circulation, which is essential for providing necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the ear. By including grape seed extract in its formula, Cortexi offers a natural and effective way to support hearing health.

  • Green Tea:

Green tea, a popular ingredient found in many supplements, is abundant in antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. These harmful molecules can cause harm to the delicate structures of the ear, including the hair cells responsible for hearing. By shielding these cells from damage, the antioxidants in green tea encourage healthy hearing. Furthermore, green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate inflammation in the ear, which is one of the causes of hearing loss. Incorporating green tea into supplements such as Cortexi can promote hearing health and decrease the likelihood of hearing loss.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre:

Gymnema Sylvestre, a natural ingredient, can assist in eliminating pollutants from the nasal canals that result from pollution. It has been found to have a soothing effect on nerve endings by adjusting nerve signals, which may help minimize damage to brain cells. By calming nerve endings, Gymnema Sylvestre may aid in the reduction of symptoms connected with polluted environments, such as congestion and discomfort in the nasal passages. In summary, incorporating Gymnema Sylvestre into supplements like Cortexi can foster respiratory health and alleviate the detrimental impacts of pollution on the body.

  • Capsicum Annuum:

Cortexi utilizes Cayenne pepper, also known as Capsicum Annuum, for its circulation-boosting properties. By improving blood flow, Cayenne pepper aids in the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the ear, promoting healthy hearing. In addition, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the ear, which may cause hearing loss. As a well-known spice used in cuisine worldwide, Cayenne pepper adds value to the Cortexi formula, providing a natural way to support healthy hearing.

  • Panax Ginseng:

Panax Ginseng is a potent natural ingredient that can be combined with other extracts to amplify its benefits. It is well-known for its ability to improve focus and enhance signal transmissions in the brain. This ingredient can also help address memory and cognitive impairments, leading to a greater sense of mental clarity and calmness. Overall, the use of Panax Ginseng in supplements like Cortexi can provide numerous cognitive benefits, helping individuals to improve their mental performance and achieve a greater sense of well-being.

  • Astragalus:

Astragalus is a root that has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its immune-enhancing properties. In Cortexi, Astragalus is included for its potential to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. By improving circulation, Astragalus can help deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the ear, promoting healthy hearing. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce inflammation in the ear, which may contribute to hearing loss. Overall, Astragalus is a valuable ingredient in Cortexi for promoting hearing health.

  • Chromium Picolinate:

Cortexi contains essential amino acids that are vital for normal brain functioning and successful neural transmissions. These amino acids support optimal brain function and promote overall health. In addition, Chromium Picolinate is included in the supplement for its antioxidant properties, which help to eliminate harmful substances from the body. By removing harmful substances, Chromium Picolinate supports proper bodily functions and promotes overall health. The combination of amino acids and Chromium Picolinate in Cortexi provides comprehensive support for the brain and body, promoting optimal health and wellness.

  • Maca Root:

Maca Root is a root vegetable that originates from the Andes Mountains in Peru. This ingredient is renowned for its ability to enhance cognitive function and alleviate stress. By decreasing stress levels, Maca Root may contribute to improved mental clarity and concentration, thereby supporting overall brain health. Additionally, Maca Root is a source of iron, which is crucial for supplying oxygen to the cells in the ear.

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How does Cortexi work?

Cortexi is a comprehensive supplement designed to support both brain health and hearing function. The powerful formula of Cortexi works through three distinct mechanisms to ensure optimal health and wellness.

Firstly, Cortexi promotes healthy hearing by providing the essential nutrients necessary for optimal hearing function. The natural ingredients in Cortexi work synergistically to protect the sensitive structures of the ear, including the delicate hair cells responsible for converting sound waves into electrical signals that the brain can interpret. The presence of grape seed extract, green tea, and cayenne pepper in the Cortexi formula provides strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and reduce inflammation in the ear, both of which contribute to hearing loss. Additionally, the inclusion of astragalus root helps to enhance circulation, which ensures the efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the ear, promoting healthy hearing.

Secondly, Cortexi is designed to enhance memory and promote optimal brain function. By improving blood flow to the brain, the natural ingredients in Cortexi provide the critical nutrients needed to maintain peak cognitive function. The inclusion of panax ginseng, an adaptogenic herb, helps to boost mental clarity and focus, while chromium picolinate provides antioxidant support, which removes harmful substances from the body and promotes overall health. Moreover, the presence of essential amino acids in the formula helps to ensure normal brain processes and successful signal transmissions.

Lastly, Cortexi promotes mental acuity with essential nutrients that are crucial for effective thinking and analysis. The natural compounds in Cortexi work to improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity, which are essential for optimal performance. The presence of maca root in the formula reduces stress and enhances mental clarity, leading to improved cognitive function.

In conclusion, Cortexi is a multifaceted supplement that provides comprehensive support for both the brain and hearing. Its powerful formula includes a range of natural ingredients that work together to promote optimal health and wellness through improved hearing, enhanced memory and cognitive function, and sharper mental acuity. Cortexi is an ideal supplement for anyone seeking to support their hearing and overall brain health.

Scientific Evidence for Cortexi

Cortexi contains 20 natural ingredients linked to ear health, hearing, and overall cognition. These ingredients work in different ways to support hearing. But can a few drops of liquid support our hearing? Is there any science behind Cortexi? We’ll review some of the science below:

Maca is the most significant ingredient in Cortexi. Also known as Lepidium meyenii, maca has a long history of use in traditional medicine in South America, where it’s linked to vitality and libido, among other effects. Although there’s little evidence maca can improve hearing or support ear health, some studies have shown it can help with blood flow, which may be one reason maca is used to enhance sexual function.

The grape seed extract is the second most prominent ingredient. The grape seed extract is rich in resveratrol, a natural antioxidant linked to anti-aging effects. According to a 2020 study published in Molecules, grape seed extract is packed with polyphenols linked to antidiabetic effects, positive effects on oxidative stress, neuroprotective effects, and more. Although there’s little specific evidence it can improve hearing, it could support healthy inflammation throughout the body, which could help with hearing.

Guarana and African mango extract and the third and fourth largest ingredients in Cortexi. In a small study, guarana has been shown to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis in mice, suggesting it could help with cellular regeneration and energy. African mango extract, meanwhile, is a tropical fruit typically found in weight loss supplements. Studies show that African mango contains a natural ingredient called terminalin linked to better blood sugar control, which could help with weight loss.

Cortexi won’t reverse deafness, fix hearing loss, or flip a degenerative brain condition. However, there’s evidence that an antioxidant-rich diet can support hearing and brain health in various ways. Cortexi may give you the antioxidants you need for better hearing and brain power.


CORTEXI money back

CORTEXI supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out risk-free. This guarantee demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing customers with a high-quality product that can be relied upon. You can return your empty bottles of CORTEXI within 60 days for a full refund if you decide it’s not for you.

Get your CORTEXI bottle and spot for yourself.


Cortexi Dosage and How to use it?

To achieve the best results from Cortexi, it is recommended to take one dropperful, which is approximately 20 drops, sublingually (under the tongue) once a day. The manufacturer advises taking the supplement in the morning to obtain the maximum benefits throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions


According to the creators of Cortexi, over 40,000 participants were involved in testing the supplement. Not a single participant reported any negative effects or allergies, making it a safe and reliable choice for anyone seeking to support their hearing and brain health. With its natural ingredients and non-habit-forming formula, Cortexi is a trusted option for those who want to promote their health and wellbeing.

Is CORTEXI effective?

In the testing of Cortexi, the majority of participants reported positive results, including improvements in cognition, memory, and mental capacity. These findings suggest that Cortexi may be effective in preventing neurodegenerative diseases by supporting brain health and function. With its blend of natural ingredients, Cortexi provides a safe and reliable option for anyone looking to support their brain health and potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

What are the side effects of CORTEXI ?

The manufacturers don't issue any side effect alerts. But you shouldn't use any dietary supplements without first talking to your doctor.

Is CORTEXI reviews FDA approved?

Manufacturing the CORTEXI is done in an FDA-approved and certified GMP facility. Strict and safe standards are followed including accurate dosage in the production process.

How long does it take to ship?

The majority of the customers say that you can receive a domestic package within five to seven days after your order confirmation.

You can also track down the status of your order. In at least 60 hours upon order confirmation, you will receive a tracking number of your package together with a link.

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